Who I am As Your Coach

My Philosophy

I believe that life is long if you know how to use it.  I believe we are each players in our own perfect life game–a life that we were born to realize.  It shows up in our desires.  And I believe that we have the ability to be masterful at our game if we commit to ourselves to not settling for anything less than what we really want.  It is when we play in our own game, not someone else’s, that we experience our own greatness, and it is then an incredible contribution to ourselves and to the world by being who we were truly meant to be.

My Mission

To provide partnership, encouragement, challenge, listening, advice (usually only when asked for), and tools for you to create a perfect life with ease and joy.

Coaching Experience and Training

My formal experience as a coach began in 2004 when I was asked to expand out of my manager’s role to coach real estate agents across North America to create businesses, not just jobs, and create a life, not just a living.  I have been working in coaching full-time since then.

To master coaching, I completed the Co-Active Coach Training Course and entered the Graduate School of Coaching through Coachville.  My education continues today as I expand my wisdom through ongoing training and learning.

To master strategy, I am completing my MBA in Leadership and Sustainability with the University of Cumbria (UK).

I have coached over 400 real estate agents and business people to achieve their perfect life.

Beyond My Credentials

I am passionate about being a partner and a catalyst for people who want to achieve their perfect life through business.  Nothing is more fulfilling for me than helping others live the life they truly want.