What People Are Saying

Nancy shows dedication and perseverance. I have benefited greatly this past year with her quality coaching skills. I would highly recommend her! — Glenda Maidens

Nancy has excellent experience as a business coach and I have found her to be a terrific source of ideas, reinforcement and encouragement in achieving my target goals. My chosen occupation of REALTOR® happens to be an area of expertise where Nancy has been a valuable resource and she keeps me on track and focussed. — Sherry Rondeau

I endorse Nancy Steinhausen as a coach and mentor. In my 2 or so years working with her, she has helped me with personal insights into me and into the job I work at. Her understanding of REALTORs and of human resources has assisted me with a number of day to day problems related to managing people.
Her work with me on financials and related items has helped guide me in a direction to make my company stronger and moving forward larger.
She has been an excellent coach. — Carl Scott

Nancy was my coach for 1.5 years. She definitely brought a great deal of industry knowledge to the table, but what impacted my career the most was the life-coaching portion of what she did for me. In a genuine and caring way, Nancy is able to provide real insight into, and reflect back to you, what you are projecting so you can see the changes you need to make. Ultimately the work was on me to make the changes, but knowing WHAT the issues are with both the technical and people skills, is the first battle. Thanks Nancy. —  Jeff Sullivan

Nancy was/is a pleasure to work with. She is quick to recognize how/when/where she can contribute meaningfully to the processes and bring a level of detail and insight that always moves the team ahead -or re-establishes the direction with clarity. Great communicator, works well within time constraints, with all types of people – leads the way well but can follow the lead equally as well. — Alison Sylvester

It was a pleasure to work with Nancy at RRi. Nancy’s coaching clients would often seek me out across the country while I was delivering keynote speeches and training seminars to hundreds of audiences of real estate agents. The refrain would be the same after most presentations; her coaching clients would line up to say “Please tell Nancy that she’s doing an amazing job coaching us and that she makes RRi look great. — Chris Cummins

Nancy is creative with her solutions. She cares a great deal about her clients and their success. She is a genuinely nice person and I recommend her without any reservation. — John Jennings

Nancy is truly an exceptional coach. She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to innovative business solutions and strategies. I have had the privilege of speaking with many of her clients and they all rave about her skills as a coach. Her approach is personal, warm and friendly – but she will keep you accountable to your goals! — Zee Yasin

Nancy’s no nonsense, common sense, yet gentle approach was exactly what I needed to turn things around. She gave me the confidence to consider going out on my own, the business plan and the systems to make it work, and the gentle prodding to remind me of the smallest details. She has been the advice I have needed in the good times and the bad….Without Nancy none of this would have been possible. — Claire Lelacheur