About Me

Nancy SteinhausenI am a strategic thinker, skillful communicator and motivated transformational coach.

I gained skills and knowledge with an MBA (Leadership and Sustainability) program and graduate school coach training. Strategic planning, leadership and coach training, tied with a genuine desire to help individuals design environments that inspire and give them a life. 

I am a collector. I collect knowledge and I turn it into wisdom and understanding. Knowledge in itself is not valuable unless it can be turned into wisdom and understanding. The internet is full of knowledge. Wisdom and understanding can be used to make you, your business and your world a better place.

I know that we teach what we most need to learn.  As someone who has taken many rabbit trails along the path to a perfect life–from nurse to G.O. (Gentile Organizateur) to clinical researcher to real estate agent to manager to coach and mother and wife.  I am now showing others how to find their path and get a life.

Living: outside Toronto, Canada

Among my talents: juggling trampolining, hockey, soccer, part-time jobs, homework, go-kart racing, aikido, and F1200 racing for her husband and kids; while getting everyone fed and to bed on time.

At work: full-time business and life coach working perfectly.

At home: dedicated wife to Frank; proud mother of Jeremy, Kailey and Grace; daughter who wishes I could grow up to be like her mom; sister and friend.

What’s always by my bed? A drawing from Grace, a rock from Jeremy, a necklace from Kailey, pen, paper, and, at least, 3 books.

What I wish I had known when I was younger? How to love myself instead of looking for others to validate me.

I’d like to learn: German, so I can understand what my husband is saying about me.

I still can’t get the hang of: Cooking a roast medium rare.

Want to get in touch? nancy.steinhausen@gmail.com